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Australian Tennis Legend - Pat Cash

 Professional athletes,coaches, fitness trainers and health professionals have known for ages about the benefits of adequate protein intake in order to obtain top-level performance results.

 Increasingly, individuals are realising that Whey Protein Isolate as a protein source – such as Open To Play’s WPI product range – provides a superior form of protein to enhance training, playing and everyday life.

As Australian tennis legend Pat Cash states: "Open To Play protein powder has a good balance of natural whey protein from New Zealand grass fed cows, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. It also has a great taste - all    perfect for the busy tennis player. One of the best on the market." ( www.pat )

A former elite level tennis player and coach, Aussie Pat Cash knows his way around athletes’ diets to support best outcomes. Winner of the men’s Wimbledon singles in 1987, Pat Cash was the top junior player in the world in 1981. In 1982, he won the junior titles at both Wimbledon and the US Open. Throughout his career, Pat won 7 single titles and 12 double titles. Since his retirement as a professional tennis player, he has coached the likes of Greg Rusedski and Mark Philippoussis. He also continues to open a number of tennis academies around the world to nurture young talent.

Essential Criteria for an Ideal Sports Protein.

Proteins consist of two types of amino acids: 1. non-essential amino acids, which can be made by the body, and 2. essential amino acids that can only be supplied to us through our diet. Amino acids assist protein synthesis; are used to create other necessary substances within the body; and, are used as energy (approx. 10% is from protein).

Ideal sports protein should meet three key criteria:

  1. Provide a good balance of essential and non-essential amino acids

  2. Doesn't contain any more that 5 ingredients and its made from natural ingredients.

  3. Be low in fat and low in cholesterol (i.e. for health and weight loss) 

Using these criteria, Whey Protein Isolate provides an excellent sports protein. With essential amino acids comprising more than 60% of Whey’s total protein content; isolates providing a high concentration of BCAAs (26g per100g protein), high quality pure protein and excellent bioavailable calcium; and, being low in fat and cholesterol, there’s no denying that WPI is an ideal sports protein.

Open To Play WPI Powder

Open To Play Whey protein is not just a great source of protein though, it is healthy, tasty and is a make and shake product for those on the go! Check out Open To Play’s product range and the best times to consume it for maximum benefits!


Open To Play Protein characteristic

  • High Protein
  • Low Carbohydrate
  • Low Fat
  • Grass Fed
  • Gluten free
  • All Natural
  • 99% Lactose Free
  • Complete Amino Acid
  • Quick Absorption 
  • No Artificial Sweeteners or Chemicals
  • No Added sugar
  • Preservatives FREE
  • Artificial flavours FREE
  • Fillers FREE
  • Thickeners, Gums or Oils FREE

Ingredients: 100% NZ Whey Protein Isolate, Natural Vanilla or Cocoa, Organic Stevia