Amelia Dione Talbot


In 2012 I remember late one night watching the Max’s Muscle Up Challenge with my fiancé, there and then after one too many munchy nights we decided to sign up the 12 week challenge and give it our all.

Back then I was a full time student at Uni living off Mee Goreng noodles, tim tams and goon bags mixed with orange juice partying on campus twice a week, I waisted my pay on new party dresses every week through my late teens and very early 20’s yet I always felt like something was missing from my life; I wished I knew what I wanted to do, I wish I had passion, purpose and drive.

It was always hard trying to find clothes that flattered my bloated stomach and every months or so my Uni sisters and I would go on a soup diet. For a year or so on I watched what I ate and it was never a lot, I felt like I was constantly yo-yoing and always tired.

Fast forward March 2012 we signed up for the Max’s Muscle Up Challenge and from then on my whole life changed. I found a love and total passion for all things health and fitness, to be in control of your figure, to be strong, to shape your body how you wanted, to eat more, and to feel great it was addictive. I felt like a new happy, healthy person and I wanted more.


Oct 2013 I decided to compete for the first time in the novice Fitness Model division with ANB Victoria. I didn’t have any friends who had competed before or who were into health and fitness but I wanted to challenge myself self and step up my training and learn more about nutrition. Come comp day I didn’t place, I was absolutely heart broken. Now looking back it’s easier to see competing is a reward for yourself, to learn your capabilities, your limits, how far you can push beyond them and only to compete against yourself. You learn so much about yourself through comp prep… now win or lose I love the entire process.

The following year I enrolled into PT school as I knew deep down it was my calling, everything I worked towards and experienced in health and fitness I hungered for more and wanted to share the same experience with others.

March 2014 I competed again but with IFBB Victoria and placed 1st in bikini 1st time, a completely unexpected outcome. I was so humbled and again hungry to improve on certain areas of my physique, so I took off 8 months to train hard, eat more and grow my lower body. I put in so much of my own time and research into building pro worthy glutes and am extremely proud with the transformation I bought to the Arnold Classic Australia in March 2015 where I placed 6th in Bikini Open.


2016 - Arnold Classic Australia, bikini open 1st Place

2015- IFBB Female Classic, Bikini Open 1st Place

2015 – Arnold Classic, Bikini Open 6th place

2014 – IFBB, Bikini 1st Timer 1st place

2012 - ANB Fitness Model, 7th Place

Fitness modelling – Top Physiques Wear, Sista Active look book, AAA Supplements billboard and website modelling feature, Oxygen Magazine Australia Cover Model Top 10.


I’m currently working on my health and fitness website, organising photoshoots to put together a Booty e-book, and collaborating with my incredible coach Harry Sandu (Team Boss) to start hosting training seminars and posing workshops. I plan on competing more, and am aiming high for that IFBB Bikini Pro Card. I have many more exciting projects in mind, and am very excited to see where this wonderful industry takes me.


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